My first real weekend trip since living in the east coast was Boston, and it was almost a year and a half after I moved here.


And no, I’m not counting a quick trip to Atlantic City with the girls as really traveling.   Believe it or not, it’s difficult to find people to travel with!  You’d think something as simple as two nights in Boston, only a 3 hour drive, would be easier to plan among friends but it’s not.  Surprisingly, travel is not a priority for everyone.

In June 2015 I met my boyfriend, Brian, and immediately declared how much I wanted to travel.  Luckily, he had the travel bug as well and two months later he took me to Boston for my 28th birthday.   Let me just say Boston is BEAUTIFUL!  So different than New York, it was like NYC’s classier older brother.  It had a level of cleanliness and sophistication that really surprised me.

We began the drive early Friday and got to Boston in the afternoon.  We stayed at one of those weekend rentals in the middle of Copley square.  It was a prime location and we were able to walk pretty much everywhere!

We started exploring and ended up at the Boston Public Garden, which is absolutely beautiful.


We saw Acorn Street (how cool are those cobblestones though?) and the famous Cheers Bar…


I highly recommend going to the infamous Fenway Park.  Even if you don’t see a game, it’s a must to tour the park!

Of course, we had to explore and see the freedom trail!  It’s a total of a 3 mile walk but I think we only followed it for about a mile.

Downtown Boston is a really fun area and has a great night life.  There were street performers, tons of people walking around, restaurants, bars, shops, etc.   If you like seafood, stop by Ye Old Oyster House.  It’s the oldest restaurant in Boston!  After dinner, we stopped by Ghirardelli to share an ice cream sundae.

My boyfriend and I both love beer, so we knew we had to do at least one beer tour.  Sam Adams is the one that everyone knows about, but we decided to take a different route and go with Harpoon.  We were not let down!  This tour was fantastic.  It was only $5 and you not only get a tour of the facility, but you get several samples.  It’s vacation, time to let loose and have a brewski. 🙂  After the tour we sat at the bar and tried the UFO sampler, they really do have great beer.

We did so much in just two days!  On our last day, we needed to be super tourist-y and go on the Duck Tours.  This was fun, but it was more for little kids.  For those of you who don’t know, Duck tours are half land half water tours.  If you’ve traveled anywhere, you’ve probably have seen a duck tours “car” driving around with tourists quacking.


If you want to get a good feel of the city, just walk around and explore! I like planning some things, but walking around and finding spontaneous things to do is also a must.   Boston is an amazing city full of history and I’d definitely love to go back one day soon (hopefully for my next birthday!)


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