“Are you going to move back home?”

That was the one thing everyone asked after my breakup.

I had been living in the east coast for about 6 months when my relationship ended.  My friends and family naturally expected me to move back home.  What they didn’t realize is, I didn’t just move out here to be with him, I moved out here to make a fresh start and a more fulfilling life for myself.

Shortly after I moved from CA to NJ, I knew he wasn’t the right person for me.  A relationship should be fun and easy (especially in the beginning).  It shouldn’t be a daily struggle. That’s when I started focusing on myself and building a life out here.  I began my job at a company that manufacturers stationery, made it a point to meet new people and build friendships, started developing hobbies and trying to see new places.  Once the relationship actually did end, I was okay.  I gained this sense of independence and I knew I could make it out here on my own.  About a year after that I met Brian and finally found out how it feels to be with the right person.  I love that he is always up for any type of an adventure and enjoys exploring new places with me.

Here are some of the new things experiences I’ve had since living here:

Kayaking- Brian and I went Kayaking in the Hudson to Bannerman Castle.  This is an old military property that used to store ammo, weapons, etc.  Since this was our first time, we went with a guided tour group.  The choppy waters led to a really great workout, our arms and backs were so sore the next day!


The Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania- If you love nature, or anything botanical related, this is the place to go.  It was about a 3 hour drive from me, but well worth it. It consists of 1,077 acres of gardens, woodlands, and meadows and takes almost all day to get through it all.


My first Yankee and Giants game-  I wasn’t a huge sports fan before moving to the east coast, to be honest I’m still not.  But my appreciation for sports has definitely grown,  the passion New Yorkers have to ensure their team wins is contagious.   It’s especially fun to get a group together and go to the games, or watch them on TV.



Hiked to the top of Mohonk Mountain- When I say hiked, it was more like we climbed the mountain.  We went on a trail called Labyrinth and Lemon squeeze which consisted of climbing ladders, squeezing through crevices, and straight up rock climbing.  Once we (finally) made it to the top, that view made it worth it.

Learning how to Golf & Rollerblade- Yes, I had roller-skated before in the past.  In middle school we used to go to the roller rink on Friday nights (we were so cool right? ;))  It’s been years since I’ve had anything so unstable on my feet, but I decided to give it another try.  Golfing is also something I’ve been wanting to get into.  Hopefully I can fit lessons into my schedule this summer!

Lastly, and I know this isn’t actually doing something new, but having the chance to experience actual seasons- This one was big for me, was I going to be able to handle the snow?  Being from Southern CA, the weather is almost always sunny and certainly never gets worse than a heavy rain.  I do have to say, it’s nice to finally be able to experience the different seasons and having the chance to see snow.  Having summer weather only a few months out of the year actually makes you appreciate it more and gives you something to look forward to.  And the snow?  You get used to it.  The best part of seasons, FALL!  The changing of the leaves is a sight that never gets old.

Staying here, and pushing through the hard times was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  Being able to succeed after making such a big change proves to myself that I can do anything.   I’ve set goals for myself that I never thought was possible and know that even if things don’t work out, I will be okay.


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