Weekend update

Hi friends! How was everyone’s weekend?

Mine was busy, busy, and busy! This was the type of weekend that went by way too quickly (don’t they all ;))

Lets rewind to Friday. Normally I just relax at home after work, but this Friday I met up with my friends Lisa & Laura in Hoboken. If you’re unfamiliar with the area, Hoboken, NJ is right across the Hudson from Manhattan. It’s just a quick train ride from the city. We needed up eating at this restaurant called Blue Eyes, which is this cute little Italian spot right on the water. It has a nice intimate ambiance and great views of the Manhattan skyline.

We got there right as the sun was setting, look at that view of the Empire State Building!

We ended up sharing a bottle of Pinot noir and each getting our own pizza. We must have been starving because we finished the majority of it. My pizza came with broccoli rabe, sausage, and mozzarella. We were too full for dessert but Laura and I ordered espresso and Lisa ordered Nutella cappuccino.. She let us steal and few sips and it was tasty!


Saturday mornings I usually wake up pretty early so I can meet up with Lisa to go running. We are running our first half marathon in April (separate blog post later) and like to do our long runs Saturday mornings.  My intention was to run but I just got so distracted and time got away from me. In the morning I laid in bed and drank coffee.. I don’t know what it is about laying in bed and drinking coffee, but it’s so relaxing to me. I’m always on the go, so Saturday mornings is my time to unwind.

After relaxing with my coffee and writing my last blog post I decided to do a face mask and then do a quick p90x workout to burn off last nights dinner! I never really do face masks but my friend gave me a skin brightening one as a gift, my skin did feel a tad bit brighter afterwards! Sometimes when I’m short on time (or don’t feel like working out) I’ll pop in a Jillian Michaels or P90x dvd and do a workout at home. Something is better than nothing!

Yes I got the mask all over my shirt 😦

After working out and showering, I got ready to head to Brian’s house for the rest of the weekend. We actually bought kayaks online because they were on sale and needed to go pick them up.

These are the ones we got (photo taken from Dicks sporting goods website.)

I ordered a roof rack but we were limited on time and unsure about putting it together so we rented a Uhaul to go pick them up instead.

That thing had some power to it!

After finally getting the kayaks home we relaxed and watched an episode of jeopardy. Yes we are major nerds and love that show! Brian also had made me a cake in the morning so I had a piece of that. Cake you say? Well he had lost a bet and that’s what the wager was! Mmmm chocolate Nutella :p  The cake itself was really moist, but the frosting was a tad on the sweet side and I couldn’t really taste the Nutella flavor.  I give him an A for effort though!

Later on in the night we ended up going to our friends house to watch the UFC fight. I didn’t take any pictures because I was pretty much falling asleep on their couch. The fights didn’t even start until 10pm! I did manage to stay awake and the fights were pretty good, did any one watch them?



My shameless car selfie on the way to watch the fights.  My mascara was on point! 🙂

Sunday morning we slept in and then had coffee and breakfast. We baked eggs inside avocados and ate them with wheat English muffins, they were healthy and delicious.  It took some work, but I got Brian hooked on my coffee in bed tradition.

Don’t let Riley’s cute face fool you, he’s a trouble maker!

In the afternoon we met up with a few friends and went to Magnify brewing in Fairfield, NJ. We both like beer, and it was fun checking out this new place! I loved the decor and the beers were tasty, we split a few flights so I ended up being able to sample most of them.

After the brewery we just ate dinner with Brian’s family and hung out.. After that long weekend we fell asleep early!

What did you do over the weekend?

I hope everyone has a good day and enjoys this warm weather!


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