A day in Princeton

How is everyone’s week going?  For those of you in the east coast you know that it’s been chilly!  We got a few warm days last week, and now it’s back to winter weather.  I’m definitely ready for summer!

A while ago, I made plans with my friend Lisa to visit the Princeton campus.  Both of us had never been before, and planned to check it out with our boyfriends.  I love to go on weekend trips, but there’s also so many things to do that are driving distance! It was raining pretty hard in the morning, but thankfully it stopped by the time we went.

I had previously heard that Princeton was a beautiful campus, but I was blown away not only by how nice the campus was, but the town in general.    Here are some pics of the chapel, the stained glass windows were breathtaking!

After stopping in the chapel, we really just walked around and explored with no particular destination in mind.

I must have taken a million pictures of just beautiful trees and plants.  It almost felt like we were at the botanical gardens.

Am I though only one who loves cherry blossoms?  They have to be one of my favorite trees.

The building were so cool and old looking.  Could you imagine living here in college?


I thought this tunnel of trees was really neat.  I could get used to this. 😉

More random pictures of the camps and trees of course!


I’m not sure what this “house” is used for, but I thought it was so cute and southern looking.

After exploring the campus, we decided to walk around the town and grab something to eat.  We ended up going to Triump Brewing company for food and drinks.  I was too hungry to take pictures, but this is a great place to go if you’re with friends.  I wanted to try all their beers, but just went with the saison which was tasty.  It kind of reminded me of a beer version of chai tea, is that weird?


After dinner we walked around and explored some of the little shops around there.  We decided to go to the Peacock Inn for one more drink.  Lisa and I saw it on  yelp, and just had to check it out.   It’s an old house that’s been converted to a hotel and restaurant.  The food there is pricey, which is why we only decided to grab a drink.  On the way there, we saw this beautiful little park with this line of trees.  The photos we took doesn’t even do it’s beauty justice.


After walking for about 10 minutes we finally made it to the Peacock Inn.


Unfortunately, we didn’t really get to explore the inside of it too much.  I’d love to check out the rooms!  I was pretty let down by the bar area, it was nice, but more modern than I was expecting.  I think they could have done more with it to go with the theme of the rest of the Inn.

We were exhausted after that and ended up calling it a night!

If you’re ever in the Princeton area, I recommend stopping and check it out.  Even if you only have a few minutes to explore, it’s worth it!


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