Wine Weekend!

Did everyone have a good weekend?  Mine was excellent!  A perfect combination of being productive and also relaxing.

Saturday morning I woke up early to get one last long run in before my half marathon this weekend.  Sadly, it was raining outside so I was forced to run indoors on the treadmill.  I used to really like running on a treadmill (to keep my pace), but since I’ve been training I enjoy the outdoors more.  Send me your positive vibes for the run this weekend, I’ll need it.

After my run, Brian and I decided to go to Brotherhood winery, America’s oldest winery!  We normally go to breweries and wanted to mix it up a bit.


We got there around 3pm as the rain was ending and signed up to do a tasting and tour.   For only $10 you get a full tour and five sample tasting.  Great deal right?  While we waited for the tour to start we explored for a bit.  This winery is gorgeous and has a full tasting room, chapel, gift shop, cafe, outdoor space for weddings, and a mansion also used for weddings.

The tour itself was about an hour long and went underground through the old cellars.  Our tour guide was so funny and sweet.  She kept saying how she drinks every day, maybe that’s the secret to staying young! 😉

This is considered the oldest winery because it stayed open during the prohibition.  The catholic church needed to get their wine from somewhere!

We ended up sampling three whites and two reds…. The reds were my favorite!  If you like sweet wines (I don’t) then you will definitely like this winery.

After the winery we decided to get sushi for dinner.  You’re probably thinking sushi and wine?  Yes I know they don’t normally pair well together, but Brian and I always talk about how we’ve never gone to sushi together so we finally decided to go.

We went to Okaeri, which is right near his house and got good reviews.  I actually don’t like sushi, but I do LOVE veggie rolls.  In addition to sushi, they also had a huge menu of chicken and beef items for people like me who don’t want seafood.  I ordered the veggie roll and sweet potato roll… both were delicious!  And a beer of course. 🙂


Sunday morning we woke up and went for a 4 mile walk on a trail near his house.  We worked up an appetite to go to this new bakery, Dottie’s.  This bakery is heavenly- they have a unique assortment of sandwiches, salads, breakfast items, and desserts.

I ordered the curry chicken sandwich which was paired on this home made cranberry bread.  It seems like an odd combination, but it was super tasty.  We couldn’t leave the bakery without sharing a few cookies too!

After lunch we just relaxed and ran errands! Here is Brian’s dog, Riley, trying to give me a kiss!


I hope everyone had a fun and productive weekend!  Before I end this, I just wanted to show you guys the little plant I’m growing!  My co worker gave me this little poppy a few weeks ago.  I’ve been watering it and watching it (quickly) grow… Haha I feel like it’s my baby! In a few weeks I will transfer it to a larger pot.  I can’t wait to actually see some flowers on here!



2 thoughts on “Wine Weekend!

  1. Quest to the East says:

    There are so many wineries over here I really need to start exploring them! Haha my bf loves seafood but doesn’t eat it as much because I don’t care for it….At least most “seafood” restaurants have a veggie or chicken option. 🙂


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